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Broken Arrow is one of the five largest cities in Oklahoma.

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In 2011, the Broken Arrow earned a Sunny Awards for having a perfect website transparency score.

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The good

  • Budget
    • The most current budget is listed.
    • Budgets are archived for 3 years.[1]
  • Administrative Officials
    • Department heads are listed for each department.[2]
    • Contact information for administrative officials is provided including a mailing address, phone number, and personalized email.
  • Elected Officials
    • Elected officials are listed with a mailing address, phone number and personalized email.[3]
  • Meetings
    • Meeting minutes are archived for 1 year.
    • Meeting agendas are archived for the past four years.[4]
    • A meeting calendar is available and names the times and locations of public meetings.[5]
  • Audits
    • The most recent audit is posted.[6]
    • Audits for the past three years are provided.[7]
  • Contracts
    • Bids and RFPs are posted online.[8]
    • Approved contract statements are provided for vendors.[9]
  • Public Records
    • The public information officer is identified and maintained by City Clerk position. This person provides a mailing address, phone number and personalized email.
    • A public records form is provided.
    • A fee schedule for documents is provided.[10]
  • Taxes
    • Tax revenues are broken down by federal, state, and local funding in the budget.
    • Local taxes, like property taxes, are available online.[11]
  • Lobbying
  • Permits and zoning
    • Zoning ordinances are posted online.
    • Permit applications can be downloaded on the site, along with information on how to apply for the permits.[14]

The bad

  • None


Broken Arrow is a city located in the northeastern part of Oklahoma, primarily in Tulsa County with an extension into western Wagoner County. It is the largest suburb of Tulsa and the 4th largest city in the state. The 2009 U.S. Census estimates placed the city's population at 94,996.[15] The estimated 2010 population is 97,000.[16]

Though Broken Arrow was originally an agricultural community, its current economy is diverse. The city has the third largest concentration of industries in the state.[17]

Elected Officials

City Council

The city of Broken Arrow is divided into four wards, which are redrawn periodically in an effort to keep a fairly even population distribution in each. The City Council consists of one member from each of those wards and an at-large member. While council members from the four wards must live in that ward, all registered voters in the city are eligible to vote on each. Each member is eligible to serve four years, with elections held every two years.

Administrative Officials

City Manager

The City Manager of Broken Arrow reports directly to the City Council. He is the Chief Executive Officer and head of the administrative branch of the city government. The current City Manager is Thomas M. Moton, Jr..[18]

Responsibilities include administering city government in accordance with city ordinances; reviewing and recommending items for City Council action; appointing or removing all city employees; supervising and controlling all administrative departments; preparing an annual budget; advising the Council of the condition and needs of the city; and performing other activities as directed by the City Council.[18]

City Manager Salary

No information is provided on whether council members receive a salary, and if so, how much they earn.


2012 - 13 Broken Arrow, Oklahoma Revenues[19]
' 2013 2012
Taxes $53,132,600.00 $49,692,100.00
Licenses & Permits $1,005,200.00 $750,700.00
Intergovernmental $1,747,407.00 $2,762,170.00
Charges for Services $51,704,305.00 $46,718,800.00
Fines, Forfeitures, and Assessments $2,729,400.00 $2,577,800.00
Interest $271,800.00 $428,300.00
Micellaneous $1,303,050.00 $1,522,600.00
Bond/Note Proceeds $0.00 $119,065,200.00
Transfers In $24,750,600.00 $24,215,900.00
Total Revenues $136,644,092.00 $247,733,570.00
2012 - 13 Broken Arrow, OK Expenditures[19]
' 2013 2012
Personal Services $49,655,900.00 $46,877,350.00
Other Operating Expenses $34,439,912.00 $35,985,158.00
Capital Outlay $27,258,495.00 $146,711,062.00
Debt Service $20,715,705.00 $18,971,932.00
Transfers Out $24,750,600.00 $24,215,900.00
Total Budget All Funds $156,820,612.00 $272,461,402.00


The city of Broken Arrow has a Director of Intergovernmental Relations on staff whose role is to keep the city council and City Manager informed on pending legislation and important issues. The Director also serves as a liaison between city officials and representatives of Homeowners Associations in Broken Arrow. The current Director of Intergovernmental Relations is Terri Cleveland.[20]

The city is also lists the Indian Nation Council of Government (INCOG) and the Oklahoma Muncipal League on their list of lobbying organizations.[21]

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