Broken Arrow Public School Bond Issue (December 2009)

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There was a Broken Arrow Public School Bond Issue on the December 8 ballot in Tulsa County for voters in the city of Broken Arrow.

This measure was split in to two bond propositions, both passed
Proposition 1: YES 5,885 (70.23%)Approveda NO 2,495 (29.77%)
Proposition 2: YES 5,857 (70.09%)Approveda NO 2,499 (29.91%)[1]

This measure sought to create a bond in the amount of $295-million which would go towards school and district improvements. This will now raise property taxes in the area to pay the bond over a 9 year period. Some projects proposed by the school board are building two new elementary and one middle school, replacing portable classrooms with permanent ones and updating equipment and technology in the schools.[2]

There was also strong opposition against this bond issue. Some reasons included that Broken Arrow already is the highest taxed city in the state and more taxes are not needed. The bond will max out the debt allowed for the city for many things that are seen as wants by the school and not actual needs. There is also no time limit on the tax imposed through this bond, leading some to wonder if they would pay off this debt forever.[3]

Americans for Prosperity was the main group heading the opposition against this bond. They had sent out a mass email the last week of November to residents to urge them to vote against the bond and cited the main issues related in the proposal. The Tulsa Area Republican Assembly voted unanimously to oppose the vote, urging their members to do so as well. The fact that the bond is the largest in city history and would not allow for any other bonds within 10 years if there was a need by schools were the main reasons the assembly is against this issue.[4]