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Brothel lobbyist faces opposition in Nevada legislature

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February 15, 2013


By Zac Humphrey

CARSON CITY, Nevada: The future of legal brothel lobbyist George Flint's dreams of expanding legalized prostitution to Clark County, Nevada, may not come to pass.[1]

Speaker Marilyn Kirkpatrick (D) has said that she would like to see the details of Flint's proposals, but in the end would not support the expansion of Nevada's brothel laws. Presently, they are only legal in counties that have populations lower than 700,000 people.[1]

This proposal has been something that he has devoted his 28 year career lobbying for Nevada's legal brothel industry. Flint estimates that with the expansion into Clark county, the county, city, and state could see between $300 million to $400 million in new taxes every two years. He went on to say that the lack of regulation leads to crime that would otherwise not exist. Flint has said that he will retire after this legislative session.[1]

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