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Business taxes in California

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This page lists local measures in California that related to business taxes, license fees and other public revenue specifically from businesses.


Information on tax measures covered by Ballotpedia will be posted here as they occur.


Ballot Measure:Outcome:Yes (%):No (%):
City of Antioch Business License Tax, Measure O (November 2014)Approveda8,737   (51.62%)8,189   (48.38%)
City of Berkeley Sugary Beverages and Soda Tax Question, Measure D (November 2014)Approveda29,540   (76.17%)9,243   (23.83%)
City of Guadalupe Business Taxes, Measure W (November 2014)Approveda797   (81.49%)181   (18.51%)
City of Isleton Business Tax, Measure E (November 2014)Approveda88   (61.97%)54   (38.03%)
City of Milpitas Licensed Gambling Establishment, Measure E (November 2014)Defeatedd3,172   (24.11%)9,983   (75.89%)
City of Port Hueneme Home Business Tax Exemption & Business Tax Increase, Measure M (November 2014)Defeatedd1,699   (44.34%)2,133   (55.66%)
City of San Francisco Sugary Drink Tax, Proposition E (November 2014)Defeatedd123,475   (55.59%)98,625   (44.41%)


November 5

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Approveda Measure T: City of Brisbane Business License Tax
Approveda Measure U: City of Foster City Business License Tax

April 9

See also: April 9, 2013 ballot measures in California

Approveda City of Vernon Business License Tax Increase, Measure K

March 5

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Approveda City of La Habra Heights Oil and Gas Taxes, Measure LHH-B


November 6

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Approveda City of Artesia Business License Tax, Measure M
Approveda City of El Monte Tax on Soda, Measure H
Defeatedd City of Needles Tax on Marijuana, Measure S
Approveda City of Pomona Real Estate Transfer Tax, Measure W
Defeatedd City of Rancho Cordova Tax on Gross Receipts of Card Rooms, Measure L
Defeatedd City of Richmond Tax on Soda, Measure N
Defeatedd City of Rialto Tax on Petroleum Products, Measure V
Approveda San Francisco Gross Receipts Tax on Businesses, Proposition E
Approveda City of Vacaville Excise Tax, Measure I

June 5

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Approveda County of Los Angeles Landfill Tax, Measure L (June 2012)
Approveda San Mateo County Car Rental Tax, Measure T (June 2012)
Defeatedd San Mateo County Commercial Parking Lot Tax, Measure X (June 2012)
Approveda South Lake Tahoe Business Tax Increase, Measure B (June 2012)


November 8

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Approveda Brisbane Business Tax, Measure J
Approveda Emeryville Business Tax Increase, Measure C
Approveda Emeryville Increase in Maximum Business Tax, Measure D
Defeatedd Hermosa Beach Business Tax Increase, Measure Q
Approveda Hermosa Beach Business License Tax Simplification, Measure N
Approveda Redwood City Business Tax, Measure M
Approveda Vallejo Marijuana Tax, Measure C

March 8

See also: March 8, 2011 ballot measures in California

Defeatedd Beverly Hills Tax on Oil and Natural Gas, Measure O (March 2011)
Approveda Los Angeles Tax on Medical Marijuana, Measure M (March 2011)
Defeatedd Los Angeles Tax on Oil Companies, Measure O (March 2011)
Defeatedd West Hollywood Billboard Taxes and Regulation, Measure WH-A (March 2011)


November 2

See also: November 2, 2010 election in California

Approveda American Canyon Cardroom Admission Tax, Measure F
Approveda City of Campbell Business License Tax, Measure M
Defeatedd South Lake Tahoe Business License Tax, Measure E

Marijuana business taxes

City Measure Medical Recreational Result
Berkeley Measure S Approveda
Albany Measure Q Approveda
Oakland Measure V Approveda
Richmond Measure V Approveda
Stockton Measure I Approveda
La Puente Measure M Approveda
La Puente Measure N Approveda
Long Beach Measure B Approveda
Rancho Cordova Measure H Approveda
Rancho Cordova Measure O Approveda
Sacramento Measure C Approveda
San Jose Measure U Approveda

June 8

See also: June 8, 2010 election in California

Defeatedd Solana Beach Business Tax, Measure L (June 2010)

April 13

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Approveda City of El Segundo Business License Tax, Measure N (April 2010)


November 3

See also: November 3, 2009 ballot measures in California

Defeatedd City of Artesia Business Tax, Measure Y (November 2009)
Approveda Emeryville Card Room Business License Tax, Measure K (November 2009)
Defeatedd Redwood City Business Tax Increase, Measure Y (November 2009)
Approveda Town of Fairfax Business Tax Renewal, Measure I (November 2009)
Defeatedd City of Palo Alto Business Tax, Measure A (November 2009)

March 3

See also: March 3, 2009 ballot measures in California

Defeatedd City of Beverly Hills Business License Tax, Measure P (March 2009)