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Screenshot of the Cal-Access frontpage
Cal-Access is a database maintained by the California Secretary of State to provide online finance information about state candidates, donors and lobbyists.

The database was created in 1999.[1]

System outages

From November 30-December 15, 2011, the system crashed repeatedly. In that period, the system was only available to members of the public for 30 hours, or less than 8% of the time.[1]

Debra Bowen, the California Secretary of State who was responsible for maintaining the system, was unsure when the public would once again be reliably open to the public. She said a new system would cost millions of dollars and that she hoped her staff would be able to keep the existing system operational at least through the November 2012 election. She said, "When this was built, I think we were probably on Windows 95. That won't run most of the software that's made today. It just won't run."[1]

The website appears to be functioning as of 2014.

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