California Democrats want to raise cost of filing initiatives

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April 8, 2010

Lori Saldana

SACRAMENTO, California: Lori Saldana is sponsoring a bill, AB 1832, that would raise the fee assessed for filing initiative language with California election officials over a six-year period from $200 to $2,000.[1] Saldana, a Democratic member of the California State Assembly, represents the 76th Assembly District.

AB 1832 passed through the California State Assembly with a 43-22 vote. No Republicans voted for it.[2]

Since 1911, more than 1,600 initiatives have been filed and approved for circulation in California. 338, or about 21%, have qualified for the statewide ballot, and about a third of those were approved by voters.

Saldana has proposed other measures to restrict initiatives in the state. In 2009, she sponsored:

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