California Proposition 16, Board of Chiropractic Examiners (1922)

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California Proposition 16 was on the November 1922 ballot in California as an initiated state statute, where it was approved.
  • Yes: 481,600 (59.5%) Approveda
  • No: 327,849 (40.5%)

In 1990, California Proposition 113 (1990) was approved, changing some provisions of Proposition 16.

Ballot summary

The ballot summary for Proposition 116 was, "Creates Board of Chiropractic Examiners, appointed by Governor and paid from receipts under act; prescribes powers and duties thereof; prohibits practice of chiropractic without license therefrom, authorizing issuance thereof to certain chiropractic graduates and establishing prerequisites of study and other conditions to such issuance; provides for revocation of such licenses; declares chiropractic licentiates shall observe and be subject to all state and municipal regulations relating to all matters pertaining to public health, shall sign death certificates and make reports as required by law; prescribes penalties and repeals conflicting legislation."

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