California Proposition 4, Women's Suffrage (October 1911)

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Proposition 4, relating to Women's Suffrage, was on the October 10, 1911 ballot in California as a legislatively-referred constitutional amendment, where it was approved.

When Proposition 4 was approved, California became the sixth state to grant women the right to vote. Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Idaho and Washington had previously adopted similar legislation. Proposition 4 in California was adopted nine years before the federal government adopted the Nineteenth Amendment to the federal constitution, guaranteeing women throughout the country the right to vote.

One campaign slogan used by supporters of Proposition 4 was, "For the Long Work Day/For the Taxes We Pay/For the Laws We Obey/We want Something to Say!"[1]

Constitutional changes

Proposition 4 amended Section 1 of Article II of the California Constitution.

Path to the ballot

Proposition 4 was placed on the ballot via Senate Constitutional Amendment No. 8.[1]

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