California Proposition 6, Prohibition on Slaughter of Horses for Human Consumption (1998)

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California Proposition 6, also called the Prohibition on Slaughter of Horses and Sale of Horsemeat for Human Consumption Initiative, was on the November 3, 1998 election ballot in California as an initiated state statute, where it was approved.

Proposition 6 prohibited the slaughter of horses for human consumption and the sale of horsemeat for human consumption in California. It also prohibited sending horses out of California for slaughter in other states or countries for human consumption. "Horses" is defined as any horse, pony, burro, or mule.

Proposition 6 also established felony and misdemeanor criminal penalties for violations of its provisions.

Election results

Proposition 6
Approveda Yes 4,672,457 59.39%

Of voters who cast a vote in this election, 753,045 or 8.73% did not cast a vote on Proposition 6.

Text of measure


The ballot title was:

Criminal Law. Prohibition on Slaughter of Horses and Sale of Horsemeat for Human Consumption. Initiative Statute.


Proposition 6.PNG

The official ballot summary said:

  • Prohibits any person from possessing, transferring, receiving or holding any horse, pony, burro or mule with intent to kill it or have it killed, where the person knows or should know that any part of the animal will be used for human consumption. Provides that a violation constitutes a felony offense.
  • Also adds a provision making the sale of horsemeat for human consumption a misdemeanor offense, with subsequent violations punished as felonies.

Fiscal impact

The California Legislative Analyst's Office provided an estimate of net state and local government fiscal impact for Proposition 6. That estimate was:

  • "The measure could result in some increased law enforcement and incarceration costs at both the state and local level. These costs probably would be minor, if any."

Campaign spending


Supporters of Proposition 6 spent $1,206,835. The top contributors to pass the measure were:

  • Sue Maloney Stiles: $200,000
  • Sherry Ellen Deboer: $180,000
  • Sidne J. Long: $125,000
  • Tina Long: $125,000
  • Political Animals PAC: $80,927
  • MPL Communications, Inc.: $71,000
  • Friends of Animals Inc.: $63,305
  • Comm. for Prop 6 Sponsored by the Humane Farming Action Fund: $21,000
  • Humane Farming Association: $20,000
  • Phoebe Hearst Cooke: $20,000


No contributions in opposition of Proposition 6 were reported to the California Secretary of State.

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