California Proposition 67, Penalties for Second Degree Murder (June 1988)

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This article is about a 1988 ballot proposition in California. For other measures with a similar title, see Proposition 67.

California Proposition 67 was on the June 7, 1988 statewide primary ballot in California as a legislatively-referred state statute where it was overwhelmingly approved.

Proposition 67 substantially increased the minimum penalty for second degree murder of a peace officer in the line of duty.

Election results

Proposition 67
Approveda Yes 4,488,251 82.09%

Text of measure


The ballot title was:

Second Degree Murder of Police Officer. Minimum Term. Legislative Initiative Amendment.


The official summary said:

"Existing law enacted by initiative provides second degree murder penalty is 15 years to life in prison. Minimum term is reduced by good behavior credits, but not by parole. This measure increases the minimum prison term for second degree murder to 25 years in cases where the murderer knew or should have known the victim was a specified peace officer engaged in the performance of his or her duties. Person guilty of second degree murder under such circumstances must serve a minimum of 25 years without reduction. Summary of Legislative Analyst's estimate of net state and local government fiscal impact: Measure will have a relatively minor impact on state costs and the state's prison population."

Fiscal impact

See also: Fiscal impact statement

The fiscal estimate provided by the California Legislative Analyst's Office said:

"This measure will result in additional state costs due to longer prison terms. Based on historical trends, a small number (probably fewer than 10 persons per year) will be convicted of second degree murder of a peace officer. As a result, this measure will have a relatively minor impact on state costs and the state's prison population."

Path to the ballot

The California State Legislature voted to put Proposition 67 on the ballot in Senate Bill 402 (Statutes of 1987, Chapter 1006).

Votes in legislature to refer to ballot
Chamber Ayes Noes
Assembly 66 1
Senate 24 0
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