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The California Redevelopment Association, or CRA, is a political lobbying association in California. In 2008, it has donated $940,000 to defeat Proposition 98.

According to its website:

[CRA] was established as a not-for-profit organization in 1979. Its name was changed to the California Redevelopment Association Foundation and an affiliated not-for-profit trade association called the California Redevelopment Association was formed in December, 2006. These two affiliated organizations (hereafter referred to as CRA) represent redevelopment agencies and allied firms throughout the state of California in responding to legislative proposals and administrative regulations, providing member services, conducting training and professional development events, and providing public information regarding redevelopment law and activities.

Donations to ballot measure campaigns

The CRA has been an active contributor to ballot measure campaigns in California. The Taxpayer Protection Act is a 2008 initiative directed at reforming the level of disclosure that the CRA, and other taxpayer-funded associations, would have to make about where the money is coming from that it donates to ballot measure campaigns. Currently, the source of those donations is anonymous.

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