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The California Secretary of State election of 2010 was held on November 2, 2010. Democratic incumbent Debra Bowen, unopposed in the primary election, successfully defended her seat against five challengers, capturing 53.2% of the vote.

Her Republican challenger, Damon Dunn, earned his spot on the November ballot by defeating Orly Taitz and write-in candidate Roy V. Allmond, Jr. in the June 8 primary. He had a strong showing in the general election, garnering 38.2% of the vote. The remainder of the vote was split between third-party candidates Ann Menasche, Christina Tobin, Marylou Cabral, and Merton D. Short.

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General election


2010 Race for Secretary of State - General Election[1]
Party Candidate Vote Percentage
     Democratic Party Approveda Debra Bowen 53.2%
     Republican Party Damon Dunn 38.4%
     Green Party Ann Menasche 3.0%
     Libertarian Party Christina M. Tobin 2.3%
     Peace and Freedom Party Marylou Cabral 1.7%
     American Independent Party Merton D. Short 1.6%
Total Votes 9,336,900


Debra Bowen

Damon Dunn

  • Can-Do Conservatives of America[13]
  • Tom Coughlin, coach of the New York Giants[14]
  • Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association PAC[15]
  • Latin Business Association PAC[16]


According to Follow the Money, the breakdown of campaign finances for each of the candidates is as follows:

South Carolina Secretary of State Campaign Finance
Candidate Total Contributions
Debra Bowen[17] $715,056
Damon Dunn[18] $1,030,404
Ann Menasche[19] $0
Marylou Cabral[20] $0
Merton D. Short[21] $0
Christina Tobin[22] $13,100

June 8, 2010 primaries

See also: California gubernatorial election, 2010; California Attorney General election, 2010

Donkey symbol.png Democratic primary



According to Election Track, as of June 8, 2010, here is the breakdown of campaign finances for each of the candidates:

  • Debra Bowen - $10,350 in contributions since May 22, 2010 (with $67,028 on hand)[23]

Gop logo2.jpg Republican primary


Drop outs

  • California State Assemblywoman for the 37th Congressional District, Republican Audra Strickland, had filed paperwork in January 2009 to start raising money to run for Secretary of State in 2010, but has as of November 2009 decided to run for treasurer of Ventura County instead.[26][27]

Electoral results

2010 Race for Secretary of State - Republican Primary[28]
Party Candidate Vote Percentage
     Republican Party Approveda Damon Dunn 74.3%
     Republican Party Orly Taitz 25.7%
Total Votes 1,447,827


Damon Dunn


According to Election Track, as of June 3, 2010, here is the breakdown of campaign finances for each of the candidates:

  • Damon Dunn - $76,400 in contributions since May 22, 2010 (with $75,167 on hand)[30]

Other candidates

  • Ann Menasche (Green Party)
  • Christina M. Tobin (Libertarian)
  • Merton D. Short (American Independent Party)
  • Marylou Cabral (Peace and Freedom Party)


Secretary of State Project

See also: Secretary of State Project

Bowen, who was named "one of the most progressive Secretaries of State in the nation," has received the endorsement and, most likely, the financial assistance of the Secretary of State Project, a below-the-radar 527 political organization whose purpose is to "wrestling control of the country from the Republican Party" through the process of "removing their political operatives from deciding who can vote and whose votes will count," namely the office of Secretary of State in many cases.[12][31]

She once again received the endorsement of the political activist group in the midst of the 2010 election cyle.[32]

Taxpayer Funded Trip

The Los Angeles Times reported in late-October 2010 that two years earlier Secretary of State Debra Bowen initially had taxpayers foot the bill "when she went to the Democratic National Convention in Denver to see Barack Obama accept the party's nomination as president."[33] She claims that expenses for that and another trip in April 2010 were accidently placed on a state credit card rather then the one for her campaign account. Bowen has since reimbursed the state for $1,595 from her campaign account to make up for the clerical error.

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