California Transit Association

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California Transit Association
The California Transit Association was founded 1965 and is a Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporation filed as a 501(c)(6)- "Business League."[1] The California Transit Association is an organization advocating for improved transit operations in the state of California. The organization fights for pro-transit policies, works to maintain a balanced transit system, and promote increased funding for transit systems.[2]

Mission and vision statement

  • Mission:"Support the needs of California's public transit systems through advocacy and education."[3]
  • Vision:"Fully funded, efficient, and effective public transit systems operating in a balanced transportation network."[3]


The California Transit Association is governed by an "elected 25-member Executive Committee comprised of public transit system members, transit industry supplier members, governing board members and one transit support group representative."[4] Each term for executives are two years long and every transit system is allowed one vote during elections. Members are also allowed to join internal policy-setting committees and external member service to gain a voice in the organization.[4]