California judges uphold Measure B

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June 30, 2009

NEWPORT BEACH, California: On Tuesday, June 23, a three-judge panel of the California Fourth Appellate District Court upheld Newport Beach Measure B. Measure B was approved by 52.8% of Newport Beach voters in February 5, 2008. It endorsed locating a $100 million civic center on a 12-acre site in Newport Center that had originally been slated to become a park.[1]

After Measure B was approved, activist Allan Beek sued, alleging that the results of the election on Measure B should be thrown out on the grounds that the City Council is the only body legally entitled to decide the location of its City Hall.[1]

Beek also filed a second lawsuit saying that when the Newport Beach City Council voted to support Measure B, their vote violated the California Environmental Quality Act, the city’s general plan, and a previous city resolution to dedicate the land as open space.[1]

City attorney James Lacy said of the decision, "It doesn’t give even an inch to any of Allan Beek’s arguments, not even an inch. From top to bottom, the ruling gives complete vindication of the validity of the measure."

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