California state assembly members whose terms end in 2014

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There are eighty districts in the California State Assembly; each representative serves a two-year term. Every two years, all seats are up for re-election.

California law restricts assembly members to a maximum of three two-year terms in office. In the year 2014, those serving in their third term will be termed-out. Because there are currently 21 members who will be ineligible to run for re-election in 2012, there will be at least 21 members serving a first term in office by 2014. If all other current assembly members win re-election, there will be 31 members serving their second term in office and 28 members who will be ineligible to run again in 2014. Of these members, 9 are Republicans and 19 are Democrats.[1]

Serving in Second Term

Richard Pan (5-D), Michael Allen (7-D), Roger Dickinson (9-D), Susan Bonilla (11-D), Bob Wieckowski (20-D), Rich Gordon (21-D), Nora Campos (23-D), Kristin Olsen (25-R), Luis Alejo (28-D), Linda Halderman (29-R), David G. Valadao (30-R), Henry T. Perea (31-D), Shannon Grove (32-R), K.H. Achadjian (33-R), Das Williams (35-D), Jeff Gorell (37-R), Mike Gatto (43-D), Gilbert Cedillo (45-D), Holly J. Mitchell (47-D), Ricardo Lara (50-D), Betsy Butler (53-D), Roger Hernandez (57-D), Tim Donnelly (59-R), Mike Morrell (63-R), Allan R. Mansoor (68-R), Donald P. Wagner (70-R), Chris Norby (72-R), Toni Atkins (76-D), Brian Jones (77-R), Ben Hueso (79-D)

Serving in Third Term

Wesley Chesbro (1-D), Jim Nielsen (2-D), Dan Logue (3-R), Mariko Yamada (8-D), Alyson Huber (10-D), Tom Ammiano (13-D), Nancy Skinner (14-D), Joan Buchanan (15-D), Gerald Hill (19-D), Paul Fong (22-D), Bill Berryhill (26-R), Bill Monning (27-D), Connie Conway (34-R), Stephen Knight (36-R), Bob Blumenfield (40-D), John Perez (46-D), Isadore Hall, III (52-D), Bonnie Lowenthal (54-D), Warren Furutani (55-D), Curt Hagman (60-R), Norma Torres (61-D), Brian Nestande (64-R), Jeff Miller (71-R), Diane Harkey (73-R), Nathan Fletcher (75-R), Martin Block (78-D), Manuel Perez (80-D)

Special Election

Beth Gaines (4-R) was elected in a May 2011 special election, Steve Bradford (51-D) was elected in a 2009 special election and re-elected in 2010

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