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Campaign for "Cap 2.5" has a large online presence

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May 20, 2010

By Kyle Maichle

TRENTON, New Jersey: As the battle to get the "Cap 2.5" Amendment qualified by the New Jersey Legislature heats up, Governor Chris Christie is turning to social networking sites to get citizens to pressure the legislature to qualify the amendment[1].

In addition to a separate website dedicated to the "Cap 2.5" amendment, the Governor's Office has a created a Facebook page to educate and help enlist support for the amendment. Also, there is a designated Twitter hashtag called "#cap2andahalf" in which enhances the campaign's presence on social networking sites.

The Governor's office created the website as a resource to educate citizens about the amendment and also has a online petition for citizens to ask their legislators to take action on "Cap 2.5"[1].