Campaign for Colorado initiative fined for alleged finance violations

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January 6, 2011


DENVER, Colorado: The campaign in support of Colorado's Proposition 102, the 2010 ballot measure that was proposed to amend the criteria for setting bail and type of bond, has been fined for alleged campaign finance violations.

Supporters of Proposition 102, called "Safe Streets," were fined $12,200 for the alleged campaign finance violations by Adminstrative Law Judge Laura Broniak. Broniak ruled that the campaign violated Colorado campaign finance laws by failing to file its committee registration before raising and spending money for Prop 102's ballot access.[1]

The official campaign group in support of the measure registered 24 days following the August 2 petition drive deadline. However, as of September 2010 the group had not yet filed a campaign finance report to disclose its donors.[2]

The measure was on the November 2, 2010 general election ballot, where it was rejected by voters.

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