Carefree Length of Town Council Terms (2009)

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A Carefree Length of Town Council Terms measure, also known as Carefree Proposition 403, was on the March 10, 2009 ballot in Maricopa County in the city of Carefree.[1]

The measure passed by an overwhelming margin, 84.29% in support and 15.71% against.[2]Approveda

Voters were asked whether they want to extend council terms from two years to four years, and stagger the terms.

There are seven city council members on the Carefree City Council.

  • Planning and Zoning Commissioner Susan Vanik believed staggering town council terms "would be OK" because it would open up spaces for new candidates.
  • Downtown merchant Doug Stavoe said he can "see no value in staggering the terms."
  • Carefree Proposition 404, 2009, which calls for the direct election of Carefree's mayor instead of having him appointed by seven council members, was on the May 19 ballot.