Cedar Glen County Service Area 70 parcel tax (August 2009)

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A Cedar Glen County Service Area 70 parcel tax ballot question was on the August 28, 2009 ballot for voters in the Cedar Glen County Service Area 70, Improvement Zone CG (CSA 70 CG) in San Bernardino County, where it was approved.[1]

The parcel tax is $84 par parcel per year and is levied on 3,173 parcels, resulting in $266,532 in annual revenue to the special district. Existing bi-monthly charges of approximately $114.34 will be removed from the water bills of the current customers and the new parcel tax of $84 will instead go on the annual tax bill of all property owners within CSA 70 CG for 10 years. The voter-approved alteration is expected to result in an annual savings of over $600 for the current customers of CSA 70 CG water district.[2]

The election was conducted as a mail-in ballot election.[1] 192 ballots were mailed on July 14 to eligible registered voters. By the return deadline of August 28, 72 ballots had been returned.

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