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Chagrin Falls City Zoning Ordinance Question (November 2011)

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A Chagrin Falls City Zoning Ordinance Question was on the November 8, 2011 ballot in the city of Chagrin Falls which is in Cuyahoga County.

This measure was approved

  • YES 1,234 (77.22%)Approveda
  • NO 364 (22.78%)[1]

This measure sought to reverse a city ordinance which allowed a local restaurant to build a patio on a portion of village parkland next door. The village passed an ordinance which would re-zone the area of land which would be used as a patio for the restaurant but residents initiated a petition and obtained enough signatures to get the issue onto the ballot.[2]

The owner of the building which would be made into the restaurant had noted his frustration at 30 people being able to force this vote when other businesses in the village use public land and had not been subject to a referendum vote. A resident noted that they had every right to exercise their right to petition when there were no checks and balances with what would be done with public land. The village Parks Commission did give its recommendation to pass the original ordinance which gave use of the land to the restaurant.[3]

Text of measure

The question on the ballot:

Shall Ordinance No. 2011-02 (as Amended), finding and determining that outdoor dining and passive recreation are appropriate uses for certain village owned real property located on Bell Street and within the Parks and Institutional District and authorizing the leasing of such property for such uses, be approved?[4][5]