Chairman of the Indiana Democratic Party resigns

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December 13, 2011

By Greg Janetka


INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana: Dan Parker, head of the Indiana Democratic Party, announced on Monday that he would be resigning the position he has held since November 2004. Parker said he made the decision while at Disney World with his wife and children over Thanksgiving. “There’s nothing like eating turkey at the Liberty Tree Tavern to figure out that there’s more to life than politics. Seven years is a long time,” he said.[1]

In a letter to committee members Parker wrote, "I have worked each day to make our State Party more inclusive and diverse; more open; more efficient and more successful at the ballot box. We have achieved many of the goals we set out to achieve, and we are widely recognized by the Democratic National Committee as one of the best State Parties in the nation.”[2]

Republicans were quick to jump on the news, issuing a press release from state Chairman Eric Holcomb that pointed to Democratic loses during Parker's time. Holcomb writes, "Since Chairman Dan Parker took over the Indiana Democrat Party in 2004, Republicans have picked up a State House majority, a majority of mayoral offices, another U.S. Senate seat, two U.S. House seats, a quorum proof State Senate majority and hold all statewide offices. Much of the Democrat Party's decay in Indiana can be directly traced to running campaigns devoid of ideas, the expansion of their decades-long Culture of Corruption and sound bites full of rhetorical snark."[2]

Some news outlets have attempted to tie Parker's resignation to an ongoing investigation into charges of possible election fraud by the party during the 2008 Democratic presidential primary. Parker made no mention of the allegations and Democratic Party press secretary Benjamin Ray said they were in no way a factor in Parker's resignation.[3]


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