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Cheshire County, New Hampshire

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Cheshire County was one of 10 counties in New Hampshire. The population is 77,117 as of 2010.[1]

Meetings P
Elected Officials
Administrative Officials
Permits, zoning N
600px-Red x.png
Audits N
600px-Red x.png
Contracts N
600px-Red x.png
Lobbying N
600px-Red x.png
Public records N
600px-Red x.png
Local taxes N
600px-Red x.png
County websitesGuide.png
Transparency grading process

Website evaluation

The good

  • The website has county commissioners' and Delegation meeting minutes.[2][3]
  • The website has information on elected and administrative officials.
  • The website has budget information.[4]

The bad

  • The website does not have information on committee meetings, building permits, zoning, audits, contracts, lobbying, public records, or local taxes.


The 2011 budget was $41.2 million, which was an increase from the actual 2010 budget of $38.6 million (2010 adopted was $41 million).[5]

Elected Official Budgets 2010 Adopted 2010 Actual 2011 Adopted
County Delegation $8,450 $8,465 $9,000
County Attorney $655,219 $666,623 $679,927
Cty Atty-Prosecutors $81,988 $81,117 $85,384
Regional Prosecutor $352,886 $335,599 $314,751
Treasurer $11,027 $9,339 $11,028
Medical Examiner $11,600 $17,780 $11,600
Registry of Deeds $436,594 $427,660 $420,092
Sheriff's Department $782,859 $764,949 $819,589
Sheriff's Dispatch $611,462 $566,156 $622,122
Total $2,952,085 $2,877,689 $2,973,493


Cheshire County has received a total of $34.1 million from the economic stimulus package.[6]

Cheshire County '
Project Area Cost
Education $14,807,272
Energy/Environment $12,588,853
Housing/Facilities $1,832,578
Military $4,695
Public Safety $745,286
Transportation $4,157,540

Public Employees

Elected Officials

The delegation consists of 24 representatives.[7]

Term Length[7]

  • 2 years


  • Legislative branch
  • Check the executive branch (County Commissioners)
  • Budgeting
  • Track county finances

Administrative Officials

The Cheshire County commissioners act as the executive branch and appoint a full-time county administrator to oversee the daily operations of the county.[7]


  • County oversight
  • Department oversight


See also: New Hampshire state government salary

Position Gross Wages
County Attorney $70,000
Prosecutor $66,213
Sheriff $50,000
Director of Dispatch $50,948
Registrar of Deeds $54,000
Commissioners $28,500
County Administrator $106,586
Finance Director $77,396
HR Manager $53,291


See also: New Hampshire public pensions

There is no pension information posted.

Emergency personnel

The Sheriff's Department budget for 2011 is $819,589. In 2010, the department budget was $782,859.


There is no lobbying information posted.

Transparency & public records

The website has Commissioners minutes and delegation minutes posted since 2001.[8][9]


The county expects to raise $23,914,868 from county revenue sources in 2011.[10]

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