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Chris Lette recall, Udall, Kansas (2010)

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A vote on whether to recall Chris Lette from his position as Mayor of Udall, Kansas, took place on August 3, 2010.[1] Voters rejected the recall, keeping Lette in office.

Election results

  • Votes to recall Lette: 88
  • Votes to keep Lette: 178


Udall was elected to be the city's mayor in 2008 with no opposition.[2]

Reasons given for recall

Gina Hoffman, a spokesperson for the Udall Recall Committee, said, "Since Mr. Lette has been in office, at least seven employees have left, some with more than 10 years of experience, items have been purchased without the vote of council, and (the Kansas Open Meeting Act) has been violated numerous times."[3]

Path to the ballot

In order to qualify the recall vote for the ballot, organizers had to collect 32 valid signatures. 81 signatures were submitted to force the recall election.[4]

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