Christian County Library Property Tax Increase (2010)

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There was a Christian County Library Property Tax Increase on the April 6 ballot in Christian County.

This measure was defeated

  • YES 4,363
  • NO 6,301 Defeatedd[1]

The county Library board attempted to try again for an increase in the county property taxes to help pay for library funding. The current property taxes that go to the library are 8.7 cents, the board proposed increasing it to 25 cents. A similar measure was on the November 2009 ballot but it was defeated by 52 percent, the library board was hoping for a better result in April. There were more issues on the April ballot, more so than in November, so the library board was hoping this would have translated into more people coming out to vote. They were also trying to ensure that voters had more information.[2]

The funds generated from this tax increase would have gone towards building new library buildings as well as the operation costs that are associated with that.[3]