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Christmas songs, divorce ban and part-time leg kaput in California

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April 2, 2010

The "Ban Divorce" T-shirt

Three potential statewide ballot propositions missed petition drive deadlines in the last week of March, and therefore failed to qualify for the 2010 ballot.

Two of the unsuccessful propositions -- an initiative to ban divorces in California and an initiative to require that California schools allow the singing of traditional Christmas songs -- achieved a certain degree of notoriety before they were ushered off the stage.

The third now-departed measure was a government reform measure to transform the California State Legislature from a full-time enterprise to a part-time enterprise. In a state where the favorability rating of the state legislature is now in the single digits, the part-time legislature initiative is one of a handful of government-reform measures that have now failed to mount a serious petition drive effort for qualification purposes.[1]

Type Title Subject Description
CICA No Divorces Amendment Marriage No divorces
CICA Citizen Legislature Legislature State legislature to be part-time rather than full-time
CISS Christmas Songs Sung in Schools Education Public schools can allow students to sing Christmas songs

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