Chula Vista Voter Approval for Allowable Building Heights, Proposition E (June 2008)

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A Chula Vista Voter Approval for Allowable Building Heights, Proposition E ballot question was on the June 3, 2008 ballot for voters in the City of Chula Vista in San Diego County, California, where it was very narrowly defeated.

Chula Vista residents and businesses spent nearly half a million dollars on the campaigns for and against Proposition E. Earl and Karen Jentz, proponents of the measure, gave all but $2,000 of the $303,423 spent to pass the measure.

The "No on E" group spent $180,448, with $45,000 from the California Association of Realtors.

Under Measure E, new buildings would have been limited to 84 feet, generally five to seven stories, in most areas east of Interstate 5. Buildings would have been limited to 45 feet on Third Avenue from E to G streets to preserve community character. A citywide vote would have been required to amend these height limits.

Election results

Proposition E
Defeatedd No13,10051.38%
Yes 12,397 48.62%
These final, certified, results are from the San Diego County elections office.

Ballot question

The question on the ballot:

PROPOSITION E: "Shall the ordinance amending Chula Vista's General Plan to require voter approval for General Plan changes increasing allowable building heights above 84 feet in most areas of the City, and setting a building height limit of 45 feet in a designated area on Third Avenue be adopted?"[1]

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