City of Alameda Auditor Must be a CPA, Measure U (November 2008)

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A City of Alameda Auditor Must be a CPA Requirement, Measure U ballot question was on the November 4, 2008 ballot for voters in the City of Alameda in Alameda County, where it was approved.

Measure U provides that the auditor for the City of Alameda must have a CPA license, or a related educational degree.

Election results

Measure U
Approveda Yes 21,623 75.59%
These final election results are from the Alameda County election office.

Ballot question

The question on the ballot:

Measure U: "Shall the Charter of the City of Alameda be amended to provide that the Auditor have a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license or a related educational degree, and no bond? Such amendment will be accomplished by amending Article IV of said Charter, as fully set forth in Resolution No. 14247 of the Council of the City of Alameda."[1]

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