City of Liberty Indoor Smoking Ban (November 2009)

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The City of Liberty Indoor Smoking Ban question was on the November 3 ballot in Clay County for voters in the city of Liberty.

The question repealed Section 22-66 of the city charter which prohibited smoking in some areas of the city but allowed smoking indoors. It replaced it with a section that banned indoor smoking.[1] Indoor smoking is already banned in many states and supporters saw it as the proper time to get their city caught up. They also cited second hand smoke health issues as another reason indoor smoking should not be allowed. With its passage, smoking is still allowed in outdoor patio areas of restaurants or designated areas in parks.[2]

Election result

City of Liberty Smoking Ban Referendum
Result Votes Percentage
Approveda Yes 2684 70%
No 1127 30%
Total votes 3811 100.00%
Voter turnout 0%

Text of measure

Shall the City of Liberty, Missouri repeal Section 22-66, “Smoking prohibited in certain places in the City of Liberty, Missouri”, consisting of Sections 22-66.1 through 22-66.13 and enacting in lieu thereof a new Section 22-66, entitled “Prohibitions on smoking in enclosed places of employment and public places”, consisting of Section 22-66.1 through 22-66.10, prohibiting smoking in enclosed places of employment, enclosed public places and establishing penalties for non-compliance?[3]