City of San Dimas Hotel Tax Increase, Measure A (March 2013)

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A City of San Dimas Hotel Tax Increase, Measure A ballot question was on the March 5, 2013 ballot for voters in the City of San Dimas in Los Angeles County, where it was approved.

Measure A increased the hotel ("transient lodging") tax paid in the City of San Dimas from 8% to 12%.

Election results

Measure A
Approveda Yes 1,508 55.85%
These final, certified, results are from the Office of the City Clerk of San Dimas.



Supporters of Measure A included:

  • Curtis W. Morris, Mayor
  • Emmett Badar, Mayor Pro Tem
  • Denis Bertone, Council member
  • John Ebiner, Council member
  • Jeff Templeman, Council member

Arguments in favor

Arguments in favor of Measure A included:

  • "Because this tax is paid only by those who stay in local hotels and campgrounds, Measure A will not raise taxes for San Dimas homeowners or renters. The money is collected by the hotel or campground and is sent directly to the City of San Dimas."
  • "The current average rate for cities in Los Angeles County is 10.7%, with cities proposing increases to the 12% rate. San Dimas has been at the current 8% rate since 1991."
  • "The money from Measure A will stay in San Dimas to maintain our public safety services, and supplement our street projects, park and public landscape maintenance, and city services."
  • "Combined with the responsible financial adjustments the city made in 2012, Measure A adds further financial strength allowing the city to focus more resources toward needed services and programs."



Opponents include:

  • Dean C. Cook

Arguments against

Arguments made against Measure A included:

  • "In 2011 the city collected over $660,000 in Transient Taxes from only six businesses. Now they propose a 50% tax increase to collect $990,000.00. Our Governor proposes a Sales Tax increase on all that we purchase, including gasoline. Obama Care will raise taxes by $2,000.00 starting 2013. As one of the six, East Shore RV Park customers paid a whopping $95,270.00 in TOT taxes in 2011. Now the City wants our customers, who come to enjoy camping, to pay an additional $47,000.00 more. Camping is like baseball and apple pie, young families with kids, families with loved ones at City of Hope, church groups, scouting groups and retired people on fixed incomes – all enjoy camping. Consider the current tax on one gallon of gas. The tax is over $1.70 per gallon. Mr. Brown wants us to pay more. If you drive a vehicle to go camping, you’re taxed. Your enjoyable camping trip is taxed. And now these governments want even more in taxes. It’s time to say NO."
  • "Americans are fair people and will pay a fair tax. But our customers can avoid this 12% Tax and go elsewhere to camp. People work hard for their money and will always look for cheaper alternatives. Our City management knows full well our customers spend money in San Dimas, but they bet on no one choosing to camp elsewhere. If this passes, City coffers go down, not up. Keep business in San Dimas; please vote NO on the TOT increase."

Ballot question

The question on the ballot:

Measure A: "To provide funding for general city services, including public safety (Sheriff), parks and recreation, and maintenance of city streets and public area landscaping, shall the City of San Dimas approve an ordinance amending the San Dimas Municipal Code to increase the transient occupancy tax rate from eight (8%) to twelve (12%) on the rate charged to hotel and recreational vehicle campground guests staying within the City to be effective July 1, 2013?[1]

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