City of Santa Barbara Parks and Recreation, Measure C (November 2009)

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A Santa Barbara Parks and Recreation Commission, Measure C ballot question was on the November 3, 2009 ballot for voters in the City of Santa Barbara in Santa Barbara County, where it was approved.[1]
  • Yes: 16,766 Approveda
  • No: 4,564

Measure C will:

  • Create a new seven-member Parks and Recreation Commission by combining the five-member Board of Park Commissioners and the five-member Recreation Commission.[2]
  • Provide for the appointment of a “youth member of age 16 or older” to the new commission.

Text of measure

The official ballot question was, "Shall the City Charter be revised by amending Charter Section 809 and Charter Section 810 to combine the Board of Park Commissioners with the Recreation Commission to form a new commission called the “Parks and Recreation Commission” and to allow the City Council to appoint a youth member of the new Parks and Recreation Commission?"


Council Members Das Williams and Roger Horton signed the ballot argument in favor of Measure C. They said that consolidating the two boards will:

  • "Save money and staff time."[2]
  • "It will also mean there are seven citizens that can hold city staff accountable for the condition of our parks and the results of our senior and youth recreation programs."[2]

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