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Clean government amendment case to be heard by Colorado Supreme Court

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September 13, 2009

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DENVER, Colorado: This fall the Colorado Supreme Court will begin hearing arguments regarding the Colorado Clean Government Initiative (2008), also known as Amendment 54. Amendment 54, approved in November 2008, aimed to close a remaining loophole in Colorado election law by banning the practice of "Pay to Play."However, months after it's approval, legal challenges have risen against the approved measure citing that it is unconstitutional. In June 2009 a Denver judge put a temporary end to the amendment, after which the Colorado Attorney General appealed the case.[1] Denver Judge Catherine Lemon ruled that supporters' arguments for approving the amendment were false due to the lack of corruption in the state and the presumption is unconstitional. Additionally, lawsuits argue that the amendment's language is too vague and broad.[2]

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