Clear Lake Fire Station Bond (June 2010)

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There will likely be a Clear Lake Fire Station Bond measure on the June 8 ballot in Cerro Gordo County for voters in the city of Clear Lake.

This measure seeks to create a bond in the amount of $2.3 million in order to buy land, build a new fire station and equip the new facility. Fire firefighters noted that they wanted a mason built building so the bond amount was increased to accommodate that desire. Officials set the date for June so as to give the public enough time to understand the need for the new station and increase the chance of the measure being passed, which needs a 60 percent Yes vote to be approved.[1]

This bond would raise local property taxes by $66.70 per $200,000 of assessed property value per year for local residents. The chief of the fire department will hold open houses to educate residents in hopes that even with tight money the measure still will find support.[2]