Coalition for a Drug-Free California

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Coalition for a Drug-Free California
The Coalition for a Drug-Free California is an organization that works to bring existing anti-drug coalitions from around the state of California to prevent early drug use of young people. They advocate and advice policymakers on effective programs and polices at the local, state and national level. The organization also works to inform the media and public officials about drug matters affecting California. They help new drug coalitions form and help other organizations raise money for causes deemed worthy.[1] The Coalition for a Drug-Free California's primary focus is prevention followed by rehabilitation and treatment.[2]

Mission statement

"Reduce the demand for alcohol, tobacco and drugs at the state and national level."[3]


  • "Prevent the early onset of first-time use of alcohol, tobacco and drugs, knowing that addiction is a disease that almost always starts with young people before their bodies and brains have fully matured."[4]
  • "Enhance community anti-drug media and public information."[4]
  • "Support and enhance school-based prevention programs, such as with non-punitive random drug testing for students."[4]
  • "Student Assistance Programs (SAP); drug free campuses and youth programs that encourage youth to not use ATOD and influence other youth to do the same."[4]
  • "Promote and support community school-based prevention programs."[4]