Colorado House Bill 1035 (2011)

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Colorado House Bill 1035 (2011)
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Legislature:Colorado General Assembly
Text:As Enrolled
Legislative History
Governor:John Hickenlooper (D)
Signed:March 17, 2011
Legal Environment
State law:Laws governing the initiative
process in Colorado
Colorado House Bill 1035 was a 2011 Colorado law that imposes new requirement the state's ballot information booklet. The bill summary reads:
"The bill requires the ballot information booklet (blue book) or other publication of initiated and referred measures to contain a statement before each measure informing the voter that the title was drafted by professional staff and is a summary for ballot purposes only. The statement also informs voters that the text of a referred measure was thoroughly debated by the general assembly and that the text of an initiated measure was drafted by the initiative proponents. Finally, the statement for referred measures informs voters that the measure is included on the ballot because it has passed a majority vote of the state senate and the state house of representatives, while the statement for initiated measures states that the measure is included on the ballot because the proponents have gathered the required amount of petition signatures."[1]

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