Colorado House Bill 1370 (2010)

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Colorado House Bill 1370 (2010)
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Legislature:Colorado General Assembly
Text:For Signature
Sponsor(s):Court, Apuan, et al
Legislative History
Introduced:March 19, 2010
State house:April 22, 2010
State senate:May 10, 2010
Governor:Bill Ritter
Signed:May 25, 2010
Legal Environment
State law:Laws governing the initiative
process in Colorado
Colorado House Bill 1370 is a 2010 Colorado law which modifies Colorado's initiative laws. The bill requires the Secretary of State to inform approved petitioners about issue committee requirements (issue committees must be registered if 200+ petition sections are accepted or printed as part of circulation). The law additionally requires that those providing input on for/against arguments must provide identifying information. The law also clarifies, by a conforming amendment, the term "major purpose" as it relates to campaign finance provisions in the Colorado Constitution. In addition, the law requires that campaign ads/materials costing more than $1,000 must include a disclaimer with the name of the committee financing the material. The law also defines monetary penalties for willfully failing to file campaign finance reports in a timely manner.[1]

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