Colorado House approves bill to change initiated constitutional amendment process

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February 10, 2011

DENVER, Colorado: The Colorado House of Representatives has approved a bill that would make the initiative process to amend the state constitution more transparent.[1]

The bill would require that two representatives from a ballot proposal's initiative effort attend the meeting where the measure is cleared to be on the ballot. Those two representatives would also have to specify when they collected signatures and how much money went into the effort. The proposal will now make its way to the Colorado State Senate, where a similar vote must take place for the bill to be approved.[2]

Currently, an initiative proposed for the 2011 general election ballot to amend the Colorado Constitution has been filed with the Colorado Secretary of State, in six different versions. Four of the six proposals would raise the corporate income tax to 7 percent. Two of the six would require that corporations pay a minimum of $1,000 annually in state income tax. Three would make the state's Earned Income Tax Credit permanent.[3]

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