Colorado Religious Practice in Public Schools (2008)

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The Religious Practice in Public Schools or Initiative 2 was an initiated state statute that would have required all Colorado public schools to provide a five-minute period of time for prayer or personal reflection.

The official ballot title read:

An amendment to the Colorado Revised Statutes requiring public schools to provide students a five-minute period of time at the beginning of each school day, called "private meditation," during which students can invoke private or group prayer or have personal meditation or reflection time.


The Final Harvest Christian Center, led by Bishop Kevin J. Foreman and Director of Operations Katrice Russell, were the sponsoring proponents for the initiative.


The measure had its official ballot title set by the Title Board. Supporters then had to submit 76,047 valid signatures by August 4, 2008, in order to place the measure on the ballot. The measure never did make the ballot.

Supporters released a media statement on July 19, 2008, saying that the measure "was never an effort to impose one set of beliefs upon anyone.... To reiterate, it was never our intention to force Christian beliefs and practices on students, faculty or the public. With the short time to gather over 120,000 supporters, mass signature gathering campaigns were never launched and will not be launched. This will conclude this matter in all arenas."[1]

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