Colorado Springs TABOR repeal vote (2009)

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A Colorado Springs TABOR repeal vote was on the April 7, 2009 ballot in El Paso County for voters in Colorado Springs, Colorado.[1][2] It was narrowly approved with 50.62% of votes in support and 49.38% against.[3]

Government spending in Colorado Springs is governed by two separate TABOR provisions:

  • A local version approved by voters in 1991.
  • The statewide TABOR passed in 1992.

The state TABOR amendment does not include federal funds in the spending cap. The Colorado Springs TABOR limits the growth of government spending to the increase in assessed value of the city and population growth. Both versions of TABOR require that any proposed tax increase be subject to the vote of the electorate.

Instead of asking voters to repeal TABOR, a coalition of generally pro-TABOR supporters recently suggested that the city instead modify their local TABOR to exempt federal funds from TABOR spending caps.

The ballot question the coalition would prefer to see on the ballot says:

"Shall the city charter be amended to exempt federal funds, including those going to city enterprises, from being counted as part of the spending limitations formula specified in the city Taxpayers Bill of Rights, and (as) well as for the purpose of determining enterprise status?"

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