Colorado Water Resources and Power Development Authority Repeal (2008)

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The Water Resources and Power Development Authority or Initiative 37 is an initiated state statute that removes authority of the water resources and power development authority and authorizes the transfer of these duties, funds, and personnel to a Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment's Water Quality Control Division and the Department of Natural Resources' Colorado Water Conservation Board.[1]


Proponents include petitioner Daniel L. Law, Richard Hamilton and Phil Doe.

Status of the initiative

Originally, the initiative was filed under Initiative 18, which was rejected due to the language. Following a review and comment hearing, the initiative was rewritten and introduced as Ballot Initiative #30. On June 6, No. 30 this version was again denied a title by the title setting board.

On June 11, Ballot Initiative #34, a revised version of No. 30, was submitted for review and comment. The Legislative Council Staff revised the initiative slightly and re-submitted as Ballot Initiative #37 on June 25. On July 17, the initiative was submitted to the Secretary of State's Office for a title setting hearing. A hearing on No. 37 before the Title Board was held on August 1 and a title was set. A motion for rehearing was denied on August 15, 2007.[2]

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