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Colorado considers death penalty repeal

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March 29, 2013


By Axel Spaeh

DENVER, Colorado: The Colorado State Legislature has recently been deliberating about two separate measures to repeal the death penalty. The first measure, a bill that would abolish the death penalty if passed, was voted down by the Colorado House of Representatives Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, March 26. The vote, 6-4, saw two Democrats join the committee Republicans in opposition to the measure after Governor John Hickenlooper cautioned against repealing the death penalty without greater voter input.[1] The second measure, sponsored by Representative Rhonda Fields, proposes putting the question of abolishing the death penalty on the Colorado ballot this November. Rep. Fields' placed her measure on hold during the deliberations for the bill to abolish the death penalty without a ballot measure. With that bill struck down by the Judiciary Committee, the debate about putting the issue to Colorado voters is expected to continue. Rep. Fields says she sponsored putting the question of repealing the death penalty on the ballot because "she supports the death penalty and believes voters would decide to keep it."[2]

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