Colorado grocery beer and wine sales bill dies, debate continues

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May 6, 2010


DENVER, Colorado: A bill to allow grocery stores to sell beer and wine has fallen but a proposed initiative continues to move forward. This week bill sponsor Rep. Liane McFayden announced that she didn't have the votes to pass HB 1279 and asked the [Finance Committee, Colorado House of Representatives House Finance Committee] to kill the bill. According to reports McFayden has spent the last few months negotiating with lawmakers. However, McFayden is confident a "Beer and Wine Sales Initiative" will appear on the ballot for voters to decide.[1] "I believe that the status quo and the amount of lobbying by liquor stores certainly surpassed the amount of lobbying by grocery stores. What I find disappointing is that since we haven’t been able to get legislation passed, I’m sure something will end up on the ballot this year," she said.[2] Legislative bills to amend state alcohol law have continuously failed in Colorado.

The debate, however, isn't over. Blake Harrison, a Denver attorney, filed an initiative to allow the sale of wine and full-strength beer within grocery stores. State law currently only allows the sale of reduced-strength beer. In order to place the proposed measure on the ballot, supporters were required to collect a minimum of 76,047 valid signatures by August 2, 2010.

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