Colorado health care measure cleared for statewide vote

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August 27, 2010


DENVER, Colorado: A proposed health care amendment has been given the green light to appear on the November 2, 2010 general election ballot as "Amendment 63." The measure is authored by John Caldara, president of the Independence Institute. The measure calls for preventing the state from forcing anyone into a public or private health-care system, a reference to the 2010 approved federal health care reform. Additionally, the amendment defines the ability for state residents to pay for a medical professional directly for health care services as a constitutional right.[1]

On July 30 Caldera filed an estimated 130,500 signatures with the secretary of state's office. A minimum of 76,047 signatures were required to qualify for the 2010 ballot. On August 26 the secretary of state's office certified the measure after 99,592 signatures were verified.[2][3]

The August 26 certification of Amendment 63 marks it as the fourth measure to appear on 2010 ballot related to the federal health reform. A related measure appeared on the Missouri ballot as Proposition C where it was approved by voters by more than 70%. Other states with related measures on upcoming ballots include: Arizona and Oklahoma.

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