Colorado personhood amendment certified for November ballot

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March 29, 2010

DENVER, Colorado: A week after supporters of the proposed personhood amendment submitted a second batch of signatures, the Colorado Secretary of State announced that the measure had collected sufficient valid signatures to qualify it for the November 2, 2010 statewide ballot. The measure marks the second time Colorado voters have seen an abortion-related measure on the statewide ballot. Amendment 48 was on the November 2008 statewide ballot in Colorado, where it was decisively defeated.[1] Supporters collected a grand total of 95,884 valid signatures, surpassing the minimum requirement of 76,047 signatures. The 2010 personhood amendment will appear on the ballot as Amendment 62.[2]

1st attempt:

  • Number of submitted signatures (1st attempt): 79,648
  • Valid signatures (1st attempt): 60,357

2nd attempt:

  • Number of additional submitted signatures (2nd attempt): 47,114
  • Valid signatures (2nd attempt): 35,527

Total statistics:

  • Minimum number of required signatures: 76,047
  • Total submitted signatures: 126,762
  • Total number of valid signatures: 95,884

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