Colorado proposals could tweak laws for 2010 elections

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April 6, 2010

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DENVER, Colorado: This years elections may see a few changes if lawmakers approve bills proposed by House Speaker Terrance Carroll. The proposals call for giving counties more flexibility in holding mail-ballot elections and allowing voters to register up to three days prior to Election Day. Currently, Colorado law allows that residents register to vote up to 29 days before an election. In 2002 Colorado voters rejected two measures: one on Election Day registration and one on more mail-ballot elections. However, Carroll argues that new technology guarantees ballot security and that a longer registration period would increase voter turnout. Some lawmakers, on the other hand, say that the proposed changes will only lead to chaos. Rep. Carole Murray said,"We don't have a state system that is capable of handling that kind of voter registration system," she said at the Capitol. "At some point in time, there may be a system that's robust enough to handle that, but we don't have it right now so the potential for fraud is enormous." Carroll's proposed legislation has not yet been filed, but Carroll emphasized that most of his proposed changes would be aimed at the 2012 election.[1][2]

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