Colorado town council to decide on sales-tax initiative

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August 4, 2009

GRAND JUNCTION, Colorado: The Grand Junction City Council must decide by August 19 whether or not to put before voters in November a proposed measure for a sales-tax increase to pay for increased public safety spending. In addition to asking residents to increase the tax by a quarter-cent, council members must also decide which one of five projects, ranging in price from $53 million to $78 million, to pin to the proposal.

This measure comes on the back of a failed initiative from last year which would have instituted a similar tax increase for a $98 million plan. Most council members, when interviewed, expressed reluctance to put another question to voters just one year later, and were skeptical about it's prospects for success. Bill Pitts said that he had asked over 150 people if they would now approve "a second measure and how much they would be willing to pay. All but one said they would reject a November question, regardless of the cost." He added, "I just don't think it'll run just because of the economy."[1]

Others, however, are anxious to try and put something together now, in a non-general election year, "because it wouldn't get lost in a jumble of candidate races, amendments and other ballot measures."[2] Others, such as Linda Romer Todd, are using the current economic state not as discouragement but as motivation, saying "it's during a down economy that the government should step up and build a project that not only addresses needs but puts people to work."[1]

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