Connecticut Legislative Commissioner's Office

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The Connecticut Legislative Commissioner's Office (LCO) is a nonpartisan legislative service agency serving the general research and legal needs of the Connecticut General Assembly.

Mission Statement

The Legislative Commissioners' Office serves legislators and other officials by drafting legislation that expresses legislative intent in clear, concise and constitutionally sound language, providing legal counsel, publishing legislative documents, and carrying out all other duties assigned by law to the Legislative Commissioners Office[1].


The Legislative Commissioner's Office is governed by two commissioners who are responsible for hiring a director to lead the office. The Commissioners are appointed by the General Assembly to staggered four year terms. One Republican and One Democrat serve as Commissioner. The director oversees other staffers.

Services offered

Bill drafting

The Legislative Commissioner's Office engages in all drafting and proofing of bills, resolutions, and amendments[2].

Legal research

The attorneys on the staff of the Legislative Commissioner's Office is responsible for all legal research to bills to make sure the conform with the state statutes and the Connecticut Constitution[2].\


The Legislative Commissioner's Office publishes the state statutes and all annual acts that are signed into law. Also the LCO is responsible for designing the website for the state statutes[3].

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