Contraceptive issue dominates Labor Day in Massachusetts city

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September 7, 2009

REVERE, Massachusetts: During Labor Day Weekend 2009, Kathleen Magno and ballot measure supporters gathered signatures in hopes of collecting the required number of 1,875, which represents 8 percent of the city of Revere's registered voters, to fight a recently passed school policy allowing the distribution of contraceptives to teenagers.

The proposed ballot question would ask residents whether or not to proceed with an approved policy that allows students to receive contraceptives with a parent’s consent. The policy was approved by Massachusetts General Hospital‘s school-based clinic, where students would be able to receive birth control items such as Plan B, or “the morning after pill”.

Some school officials are backing the new contraceptive policy, stating it protects students from risks that come with sexual activity. According to Superintendent Paul Dakin: “You’re not going to stop a 16-year-old. Once they bite of the fruit they’re not going back.[1]

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