Coos County, New Hampshire

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Permits, zoning N
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Coos County is one of 10 counties in New Hampshire. It is geographically the largest county in New Hampshire, but has the smallest population at 33,055, as of 2010.[1]

Website evaluation

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The good

  • The 2008, 2009, 2010 budget is posted in an annual report.[2]
  • Meeting minutes are posted.[3]
  • Elected and administrative officials are listed.[4]
  • The most recent county audit (2009) is posted.[5]

The bad

  • The current year (2011) proposed budget was inside the 2010 annual report and would not be easy to find.
  • County contracts are not online
  • No information on building permits and zoning
  • Does not disclose if belongs to government sector lobbying associations.
  • There is information regarding land transfer tax rates, recording fees, copy charges, and postage rates, but no general information on local taxes.[6]


The actual 2010 budget, which ran from January 1, 2010 to December 31, 2010 was $27,870,352 compared to the approved 2010 budget of $30,679,600. The proposed budget for 2011 is $30,261,500.[7]

At the end of December 31, 2010 Coos County had a $2,219,003 unaudited surplus.[8].


In 2010 Coos County received[9]:

  • Federal Medicaid Assistance Percentage for a total of $1,998,342
  • The U.S. Department of Energy funded $138,700 through an Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant
  • The USDA funded $101,510 through the Natural Resource Conservation Service Grant.

Public Employees

Beginning in 2008, Coos County has included gross wages of all non-elected Coos County employees in annual reports.[10]

Elected Officials

Elected officials are listed but their responsibilities and terms are not.[11]

Administrative Officials

Commissioners are listed but their responsibilities and terms are not.[12]

Name Position
Burnham Judd Chair
Paul Grenier Vice Chair
Thomas Brady Clerk


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The five highest paid non-elected employees in Coos County for 2010 were[13]:

Name Position Gross Wages
Deborah Wells Staff Development Director $70,087
Suzanne Collins Country Administrator $71,818
Louise Belanger Nursing Home Administrator $78,878
Diane Hobart Director of Nursing Services $80,514
Jeannette Morneau Nursing Home Administrator $100,471


See also: New Hampshire public pensions

There is no pension information posted.

Emergency personnel

The 2010 budget alloted $613,530 to the Sheriff's Department. The proposed 2011 budget allots $683,250.[14]


There is no lobbying information posted.

Transparency & public records

The web site has meeting minutes posted since 2008.[15]


In 2010 Coos County raised $29,973,261 in revenue from local sources and federal funds.[16] The total County Tax was $11,619,625.[17]

  • The Sheriff's Department raised $225,384 through various fees.[18]
  • Deeds fee and surcharges amounted to $266,941.[19]

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