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August 15, 2012


By: Stephan Burklin
JACKSON, Mississippi: While much time is spent dissecting the Mississippi Legislature’s outlays in the areas of health, education, and transportation, the Memphis Commercial Appeal this week provided a rare glimpse of its spending on more mundane supplies like coffee and bottled water.[1]

According to the Commercial Appeal, the Legislature forked over more than $22,000 for java and about $13,000 for bottled water in a 13-month period ending on May 3.[1] The Commercial Appeal also said that Mississippi’s deliberative body set aside $2,600 to hire Magnolia Clipping Service to see what their hometown papers had to say about their actions. Other cited costs include computer system maintenance, printing supplies, and similar expenses.[1]

According to the Appeal, taxpayers paid a sum of $20.6 million to run the Legislature for the 13-month period ending on May 3 (where the session was 125 calendar days), in contrast to the $18.5 million spent during the previous year (where the session was 90 days).[1]

The Appeal also reported that lawmakers were reimbursed at 51 cents per mile for driving to and from the state capital.[1]

In Mississippi, legislators earn a $10,000 base salary with $1,500 monthly in interim pay when the Legislature is not in session. Special sessions net them $75 per day. Committee meetings earn them $40 per day.[1]

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