Counting the Massachusetts state legislative committees

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June 15, 2011


BOSTON: There are 43 total standing committees in Massachusetts state government. That is the 16th most committees among the 50 states, according to a Ballotpedia study of state legislatures and their committees.

  • With 200 total state legislators (40 Senators and 160 House representatives), the ratio of state legislators to committees is 4.65. That is the 12th highest ratio.
  • On the 43 committees in Massachusetts there are a total of 666 members -- meaning a committee's average size is 15.5 legislators. With 3.33 committees per legislator slots, Massachusetts has the 23rd lowest ratio among the 50 states.

A standing committee was determined as being any committee that appeared to be permanent in the state. Select and special committees -- such as a one-year study commission -- were not counted in this report.

In the 50 states, Nevada has the fewest total committees with 21 while Mississippi has the most with 91. The highest ratio of legislators to committees is New Hampshire with 10.34 and the lowest being Delaware at 1.17.

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